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About Us

iManPro is an Inventory Management System built exclusively for Truck and Equipment Dealers

iManPro in a Nutshell

iManPro is an Inventory Management Software system for truck dealers, built with 15 years of the best ideas from truck dealers just like you. iManPro is the most innovative inventory management system, website, and suite of tools available for truck dealers today.

iManPro was created by Datastorm Technology over fifteen years ago with the intention of making the day to day operation of a truck dealership run smoother and simpler. We bring to you our newest software ideas built with input from dealers such as yourselves. iManPro incorporates your ideas and your requests into a user friendly and powerful tool with which to manage your inventory.

Our Philosophy

Since iManPros’ inception, our principles have not changed. iManPro maintains its strong commitment to research and development, always evolving, always incorporating the latest technologies. iManPro provides all the back office support that it takes to run a successful dealership. We strive for excellence in everything we do; we are first in innovation and second to none in customer service. We take our passion for technology and apply it toward managing your day to day operations.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the cutting edge technology our customers require to control their inventories in a safe, secure and confidential package. Superior customer service is not just a catch phrase at iManPro; we will go above and beyond to earn our customers long term loyalty.


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